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Out of site, out of mind is the plight of Alzheimer's patients.

Thirty-seven thousand Nebraskans, $5.2 Million Americans, 1 out of 8 Baby Boomers by 2025 will have Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's Disease Research reports that University of Luxembourg just completed a study of 650 autopsies. The report states that due to our gene makeup, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 11 men will have chances in developing Alzheimer's.

People ask, "what is Alzheimer's?" It is plaque building up in the brain causing loss of memory, speech and bodily functions.

Out of Site ... Alzheimer's patients are kept home because they can not cope with normal daily living.

Out of Mind ... They reach the stage where they are put in nursing homes. Visits from relatives and friends become further and further in between. Yes, the patient can not communicate, or recognize you. However, if you take hold of their hand and look them in the eye, you will see a smile, their senses tell them you care.

The Fremont Area Alzheimer's collaboration invites you to attend the Memory Walk to Cure Alzheimer's on Saturday, Sept. 30 at 9 a.m. at Midland University's Wikert Events Center.

Our goals: 1) Make the public aware of Alzheimer's. 2) Caregiver education. 3) Get involved in research. Forty percent of funds raised are used for caregiver education and programming in the Fremont area, 60 percent is earmarked for institutions doing cutting edge research in Alzheimer's.

To quote Dr. Burke, a leader in Alzheimer's research, "there are more people who die every year from Alzheimer's that all the people with breast cancer and prostate cancer together."

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One scientist on TV stated, "if we catch Alzheimer's in the early stages, with the new research, new medicines coming on the market, I predict in time Alzheimer's patients will be taking medicine daily just like a heart patient takes aspirin daily."

Heart patients can say, "I am a survivor," cancer patients can say, "I am a survivor." Our goal: Alzheimer's patients can say, "I am a survivor."

We ask you to take a step forward, join us at the memory walk. Tax deductible checks can be made to "Alzheimer's Fund" in care of the Fremont Area Community Foundation, 1005 East 23rd, Suite 2, Fremont, NE, 68025.

Marv Welstead, Honorary Chairperson

Fremont Area Alzheimer's Collaboration


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