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Trump opponents say he's "unpresidential." Trump is not a politician, he's a businessman. He wants to drain the established D.C. swamp and its game of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."

Harry S. Truman in my opinion one of our better presidents in my lifetime dropped the A bomb to save American lives in WWII. He placed a sign that said the buck stops here. Truman called the Eightieth Congress a "do nothing Congress." He punched a member of the news media for insulting his daughter's talent as a concert soprano. Some called Harry "unpresidential."

Trump's opponents say he "Twitters" too much. Maybe if the biased news media wasn't trashing him 24/7 he would Twitter less to reach his base and the general public with his agenda.

In his first days as president he deregulated government regulations that was hurting private business. His first trip to foreign soil he told NATO they need to pay their fair share which got NATO allies to kick in $12 billion more toward our collective security.

Trump told China that decades of flawed one-sided trade deals has to stop. He told members of NAFTA the act is unfair to us and needs corrected. He cut U.S. funding to the United Nations and told members to divvy up their fair share.

Since his election our economy's stronger and gross domestic product is growing at a rate of 3.2 percent. Unemployment is at its lowest rate in 17 years, and more than one million new jobs created. The stock market is at an all-time high and holiday sales in retail were higher that expected.

We have a new tax reform bill. Is the bill perfect, no. Is it better than what we had, yes. Doom and gloom Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi say it only benefits the "corporate filthy rich." Not true, many holders of corporate stocks are hard working investors and 80 percent of U.S. Taxpayers will benefit from this bill.

Trump is dead set on securing our borders and rightfully so. A recent release by our DOJ states that one in five inmates in our federal prisons are foreign born and 95 percent of them are here illegally.

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So why is our president's popularity on the negative side? Credit the bias media for his low rating. Ninety percent of their news coverage is trashing Trump.

Robert Warner



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