Well, the Fourth Estate has certainly covered all the downsides of the "Blunder in Boulder". I'm from Fremont, now living in Montana. Here's my two cents.

This was never going to be an overnight rebuild, a rags to riches story. This is the real world. It takes hard work, the right players, all of whom who have bought in and patience.

Frankly, the media "over sold" in the beginning, perhaps drinking some of the Kool-aid they were selling.

Now it is over-selling "the sky is falling". I sometimes think Sports sections are replicating the opinion page of major media outlets, discounting Trump when he was running for office and now report as if he is almost unbeatable because of his voodoo magical hold over some voters.

I can only imagine what young players think when they read these over/under reactions in the newspaper, let alone possible recruits.

Nebraska fans have unrealistic expectations, they have anointed Frost the "Chosen One" and we all know what happened 2,000 years ago.

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I have learned a thing or two over the years as I near my mid-70s, "I'm a lot happier since I lowered my expectations" and "Patience is not only a virtue, it is a survival tool".

Assume the "lotus position" and chill.

John Ilgenfritz

Helena, MT


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