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To the parents of middle school students: The City Council will be meeting on Jan. 30 to consider changing the long range plan for the City of Fremont. Included in this is the rezoning of a piece of land along Military Avenue between Johnson Drive and Johnson Road. A group of developers are pushing hard to have this rezoned as General Commercial so that a convenience store can be built on Military Ave. by the Middle School.

One of the big benefits of passing a bond issue and building the Middle School and Johnson Crossing Academic Center was getting away from having a convenience store so close to the school downtown. That solved a huge amount of problems, but the main one was the safety of Fremont school children. Now the moneyed interests are trying to put the students in harm's way again.

I urge you to attend the meeting and voice your opposition to this change because if it goes through it will be very much harder to stop this foolhardy plan.

Also coming up is the third reading of the ordinance changing the zoning of a parcel of land along Jack Sutton Drive that would allow the building of apartment buildings between Luther Road and the Johnson Crossing Academic Center. This proposed development creates a number of huge problems that will only be partially solved by spending huge amounts of Fremont taxpayer dollars to benefit two families trying to get rich and then NOT live with the bad consequences which will be felt for many years. Please make your opposition known to the city council!

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Alan Fanning



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