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At the Jan. 30th City Council meeting, Mayor Getzschman and 4 City Councilmen cleared the way for a convenience store to be built out by our Middle School.

Interestingly, one lawyer spoke for the plan and 4 citizens spoke against the plan namely with regard for the safety of our children. One of those citizens represented approximately 120 other citizens who had signed a petition opposing the proposed Future Land Use Plan change to commercial. On Jan. 15th, the Planning Commission voted 4-3 against the designation of commercial for the Future Land Use Plan for that area. Not one citizen spoke in favor of this change.

One Councilman even said he understood our concerns, he had driven around to some of the elementary schools and it’s a traffic jam at school times. Let’s see, Fremont has 7 elementary schools, grades K-4th. When they reach 5th - 8th grade, rather than being located in 7 different areas, all students converge into one area. This makes no difference in the amount of traffic going from 7 different areas to that one area? Must be that new math everyone is always talking about.

Do want to commend Councilwomen Susan Jacobus and Linda McClain and Councilmen Mark Legband and Matt Bechtel for voting against this plan. The safety of our children should take precedent over money-making every time.

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Brenda Ray



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