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Letter: Supporters of LB670 should resign

Letter: Supporters of LB670 should resign

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Dear Senator Lou Ann Linehan and others:

I am of the opinion that you and numerous other Nebraskans supporting LB670 are in violation of the basic principles of your oath of office to uphold and support our United States Constitution against any and all enemies, foreign or domestic; so each and every one of you should resign immediately, respectively of your offices.

In my January 25, 2019, Fremont Tribune page A6, there was a story, "Rally focuses on scholarship tax credit bill."

My opinion is that each of you are conspiring to violate our U.S. Constitution separation of Church and State. I am of the opinion you and any or all supporters of LB670 are traitors to our U.S. Constitution and should be sent to federal prison, after a fair trial under our U.S. Constitution for those of you participating in treason. My opinion is that our prisons across this great nation are overcrowded with nice people who thought they would never get caught, never prosecuted and never incarcerated.

So, please reread our U.S. Constitution as well as our Nebraska Constitution with its sections, and your Oath of Office, and our Declaration of Independence. I feel it is my obligation as a watchful citizen to also remind you to reread the engraved phrase above the north entrance to our Nebraska Capitol.

If Governor Pete Ricketts and Lt. Gov. Mike Foley spoke in support of LG670, then they should also resign immediately for supporting this alleged treason rather than after conviction.

It is only ten million dollars of tax monies via credits. As a Veteran, I support your freedom of religion, but you need to remember, if you reread our Christian history in Europe, we protesting Catholics as a result of 131 years of very bloody and deadly inter-church parish warfare, we protesting Catholics are named Protestants after the Reformation or partial reformation.

Our Bill of Rights or first ten Amendments was necessary to disenfranchise the Anglican Church or Episcopal Church from having the American states or commonwealth from collection tithes as taxes to give to the dictator King George of England.

Our National Cathedral in Washington D.C. is Episcopalian and the church tour guide told me that they do not get any federal monies because I asked my tour guide.

Larry Marvin



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