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Wednesday, January 16th, a group of concerned Dodge County citizens assembled at the courthouse to voice our concerns over the placement of 10 Costco chicken barns. They would stand on land that has over 50 homes as well as the village of Nickerson within two miles. Two major concerns included: 16,000 dead chickens composting outdoors every six weeks with associated odor and vermin; the barn access on a heavily used county road, and highway 275 access at an intersection where four people have already lost their lives. Our county board listened and voted to deny the permit as presented. This letter is to thank all the board members both for and against. Making tough choices is not easy in any emotionally charged issue, but they did what they felt was right.

One of the fundamental issues at play here is the right of local people to have a say on projects that can impact them negatively or positively.

The Nebraska Territory was settled by people intending to build independent communities and state. Local control was fundamental in the design of our national constitution. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are self-evident truths embedded in the opening statements of our Constitution. When did we begin to accept the self-interest of corporations and single individuals over our mandated rights? Thank you, Board of Supervisors, for protecting the rights of the individual.

Randy Rupert

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