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The ugly from this Democrat's opinion, at the state and federal level is:

a) My Republican Governor Pete Ricketts does not have the ability to take the lead and order all the employees to obey all our laws local, state and federal. Examples: ACLU and news media requests for freedom of information, or employees smuggling items into our penal institutions.

b) My Republican President Donald Trump does not have the ability to take the lead to tell his staff and their staff to obey all our laws, especially our Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation or our United States Senate investigation into wrong doings.

c) My two Republican U.S. Senators from Nebraska have not taken the lead to repeal the 90 days waiting period before an employee or citizen can report sexual abuse from a Senator (possible double standards). Justice depends on the watchfulness of U.S. citizens, so all of us need to speak up, because we deserve justice for all of us. Doesn't a delay of 90 days waiting period allow the criminal or wrong-doer time to dispose of witnesses or evidence? My Fremont Police solved an alleged bank-bag robbery within hours or minutes, but in 90 days the trash can or waste basket would have been emptied. So, why shouldn't sexually abused women, men, or children get legal protection before 90 days and forgetting specific information and facts, or DNA samples.

The good for the day was the press conference of hiring Scott Frost as our next Husker football coach and the surprise reception with all the former football players. I also enjoyed our Nebraska National Guard Christmas at our Fremont High School theater.

Just thinking about our future as a watchful citizen, not just a bystander.

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Larry Marvin



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