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I went to take my recyclables to the collection site at Waste Management today and found that we can no longer recycle. How ridiculous is it to constantly preach that we should recycle for the benefit of the community, yet there are no longer any places to take those recyclables!

Of course we can pay for the privilege to recycle with Waste Management but can no longer do it for free! I know there were many people that brought recyclables to the Waste Management site besides me. With the high cost of living we are all looking for ways to help stretch our dollar and still do the right thing! No wonder so many other country's look at Americans with such disdain and that we are wasteful.

When we lived in Germany recycling was required and so easy since the containers were right outside your door and it didn't cost a thing!

Our family has always recycled, but now I don't really know what we will do because I will not pay to have my recyclables picked up. We cannot afford more bills and waste collection is already expensive.

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By recycling we were able to cut our waste to only needing to be picked up twice a month; now we have no where to recycle and I really hate to throw these things in our garbage. We have been trying to do the right thing and have been thwarted at every turn. Shame on Waste Management and the City of Fremont for taking such a simple privilege as recycling away from our community. Too bad that privilege to do the right thing is no longer free!

Julie Drucker



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