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Didn't our Republican president say, "Tear down this wall!" So, why build a wall? Didn't our present President tell us that he renegotiated our NAFTA Treaty? So, why do we need the wall?

1. When are we going to raise our Social Security Death Benefit from $255 to $4,194 with a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) to cover inflation?

2. Are we going to provide free college education or less expensive post-high school education?

3. Affordable health care and affordable prescription drug coverage?

4. When will we stop insulting and bullying fellow Americans by insinuating that we/they are middle or third, or fourth class citizens instead of first-class citizens with one vote, equal rights before the law, and born equal? Each of you/us have the obligation and responsibility to see that each of us/you/them have 100 percent of all rights documented in our Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution. Why don't we/you/the media just say "1917 American Tax Cut?"

5. Do special interest groups or gangs have too much power or influence and are they the swamp rats? Or have they only converted, metamorphosized, or transformed into alligators or crocodiles as the bullies of the swamp?

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Larry Marvin



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