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Weeks before it was announced that Scott Frost would take over as coach of the Nebraska football team, shirts reading "Frost Warning" and "It's Gettin' Frosty!" started selling out at Best of Big Red.

Mike Osborne, who owns Best of Big Red, said that since Frost was hired Dec. 2, his stores have seen an enormous increase in sales.

"Our sales in December, of course you have to add in the bump from volleyball, but they've been two times as good as they were last year," said Osborne, son of legendary Husker coach Tom Osborne.

Husker Headquarters has also seen a boost in sales due to Frost joining the Huskers, manager Cheyenne Hemphill said.

"These last four weeks have been unbelievable," he said. "It's like we won a National Championship without even playing a football game yet!"

The stores have more than 15 different Frost T-shirts.

Mike Osborne believes the excitement about Frost's hiring led to increased support and excitement for all of Husker athletics.

"A couple of weeks later, we had the volleyball championship ... but it seemed like people were even more excited when they won," he said. "The overall affect of him (Frost) being hired put everyone in such a good mood, it's really just snowballed."

According to the state Department of Motor Vehicles, license plates bearing FROST are sold-out in a majority of special message styles, including: the standard-issue plates, the mountain lion plates, breast cancer awareness plates, Native American cultural awareness and history plates, choose life plates and, shockingly enough, the Husker plates. 

Fans have also already claimed FROSTED, SFROST, FROSTY, NUFROST and COACH standard-issue plates. As of Saturday afternoon, SCTFRST and MRFROST were still available, however. 

Osborne has been selling Husker merchandise for more than 25 years and has witnessed several coaching changes. But the enthusiasm behind Frost's hiring is something he hasn't seen before. 

After this season, many fans were disappointed. Alicia Bucci, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln alumna and life-long Husker fan, said she felt the Huskers couldn't have done worse in 2017.

Osborne was disappointed to see the excitement drain from Husker Nation. He watched as game tickets sold for as little as $10 apiece and as people changed the channel to cheer other teams. 

"Apathy set in and people weren't even watching the games anymore. ... People don't dislike the Huskers, but they didn't want to watch us lose," he said. 

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The hype of a new coach, especially one with a Husker past, is exactly what Nebraska fans need, Osborne said. Fans have been purchasing DVD sets of the 1997 season when Frost played to "look back to what was then, and to look at what could happen again."

Bucci said fans like that Frost is a Nebraskan and former Husker.

"He was coached by Tom Osborne himself," she said. "There's no better mentor than that!"

Mike Osborne hopes to see the Huskers return to the championship glory of the 1990s.

"People 35 years old and younger really don't have any memories of the Huskers when we really had this 'All for one and one for all' attitude and we'd really all just pull together," he said. "I feel that coming back now. It's bigger than if we win or lose a few games — we trust this guy. His heart is in the right place and we know he cares like we care."

Cory Matteson contributed to this story.


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