A 60-year-old Omaha man has been accused in a four-count federal indictment of stalking a woman and sending explosives to her in the mail.

A grand jury in Nebraska says Aug. 30, Craig Niedbalski sent an incomplete, improvised explosive device to the woman's address with intent to kill, injure or intimidate her and her family and to damage or destroy her home.

It was connected by a wire and tape to a mobile phone with a message on the package with a phone number to call "FOR OPENING INSTRUCTIONS."

According to the indictment unsealed Friday, in 2003, Niedbalski had sent another package to the woman through the mail, containing what appeared to be a pipe bomb.

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The document outlined a number of postcards and letters he sent the woman since 1999 containing escalating threats to put antifreeze in her family's drinks, to "take out" her children and to kill her family and frame her.

Now, Niedbalski is accused of transporting an explosive, making a threat with an explosive, transporting explosive material without a license and stalking.



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