We all have Christmas morning traditions and memories. Some are just funny like the time I lit the fireplace as the kids were waking up to open presents. It was going to be the perfect setting as we warmly opened presents from Santa that morning.

Then I would enjoy some hot chocolate and read the paper while the kids played with their new toys. Ah, traditions.

The only problem was I forgot to open the flue. As you can imagine, the whole basement filled with smoke before I noticed.

So there was my family, all in their pajamas, opening windows and doors trying to air out the house, while I was taking batteries out of the smoke alarms. It was a rough start to Christmas morning. Fortunately, that tradition didn’t stick with us.

The celebration of sharing and caring is rooted in the ultimate gift. Where and with whom you share it changes over the years, but it is a family day unlike any other.

The Tribune has honored a Christmas tradition of which we are proud: Each year, the reporters, editors, graphic artists, pressmen and carriers join most Americans in a holiday away from work on Christmas Eve. These are the people accustomed to working while most other people are off: Weekends and holidays.

Continuing the tradition, The Tribune will have a combined Dec. 24-25 print edition again this year and will not have a separately printed newspaper distributed on Christmas morning.

The combined edition for Dec. 24-25, which is delivered the morning of Christmas Eve, will feature a double dose of our regular columns and comics, multiple entertainment/feature pages and expanded news and sports reports.

While the tradition with our printed paper continues, the news does not stop in an around-the-clock world.

At FremontTriuibne.com/ColumbusTelegram.com our members will have access to special holiday features that give you a healthy helping of unique content. Plus, the website is updated on Christmas Day with the latest from around the world and nation via The Associated Press and other sources. As journalists are never completely away from the news they cover, local and state news will be updated as developments warrant.

As Christmas activities and family time wind down into the evening, things return to somewhat normal for our newsroom. While you’re still enjoying the combined Dec.24-25 print edition or our Dec. 25 online edition, the Tribune newsroom is back working on new content and breaking news for the Dec. 26 print edition.

Through the night and into the early morning hours of Dec. 26 reporters, production workers, pressman and carriers start back to work. They do this so you’ll find the printed newspaper delivered, or new content online, just like the other days of the year.

Call it hard work, call it dedication or call it a commitment to our readers. One thing is for sure, it is part of our tradition.

Merry Christmas!

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Vincent Laboy is the publisher of the Fremont Tribune, Columbus Telegram, David City Banner-Press, Schuyler Sun and Plattsmouth Journal. He can be reached at Vincent.laboy@lee.net.


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