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This is a “C” year. Confounding. Confusing. Changing.

Confounding! That’s how to describe the year’s start with an inauguration of a candidate who played by a set of political rules no one envisioned potentially successful. Yet there he stood and swore on the Bible and the tweeting began. Are you contemplating how candidates in the off-year elections will conduct themselves? Does it matter any longer?

Confounded by the year’s initial and reoccurring environmental sucker punches, were you? The ferocious power of water ruined so many in the South while Western states prayed for a downpour from wispy, impotent clouds. Fire arrogantly flexed its muscle. Winds always. Always wind.

“Stunning, our responses were,” said Yoda. J.J. Watts raised a reported 37 million for the Houston area. Is that a record? A State Trooper from Waverly bonds with families from the Florida Keys to provide a Cornhusker connection from 1700 miles distant. Lines formed around blood donation sites in Las Vegas.

My confusion does not necessarily reside in all things national. There’s consternation of mammoth proportions in my daily life.

Like, why, if it’s chocolate, do we call it “almond bark”? Why don’t we have “almond bark chip cookies”? And since we are on the topic, with all the genetic engineering going on, why has some scientist not developed a fruit that tastes like chocolate? Nobel Prize stuff.

Why are there no drive-through bakeries? It’d save me embarrassment.

Can anyone out there share with me their technique of getting enough syrup on their pancakes with the first pour? After trying all suggestions from the web, my last two forkfuls are still dry.

Are there rules in place about subletting your cemetery plot? Until you need it? This seems like a new revenue stream for people who invest early in this form of real estate. Someone – I can’t recall who just now – said this income was non-taxable within the new tax-code.

Oh, and by the way, did you hear? Tax-code and confusing are now synonyms.

A bright change is on the near horizon. For those of you watching for the return of the fountain in John C. Fremont park, those efforts are bearing fruit. With a nod to modern systems and safety expectations, the proposed fountain replacement will consist of splash pads and a yet-to-be-determined center water feature. The city has budgeted for a neighborhood splash pad and plans are to construct it in JCF park.

Wow! Cannot wait for 2018!

Don Cunningham of Fremont is a freelance columnist.


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