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Letter: A dying party

Letter: A dying party

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Letter to the Editor

A dying party

The Harry Truman Democrats, (I used to be one), has become a dying breed.

A new Socialist party with the attitude, “It’s our way or no way,” and has yet to learn there’s no such thing as a free lunch is growing in numbers.

The House Democrats’ conduct during the State of the Union Address was hateful, disrespectful, deplorable, and stupid.

When hate overrules what’s good for the nation, there is no winner and a dangerous path to follow.

Division in the U.S. began before the election of Donald Trump.

We had eight years with a president who never started or owned a business, had the gall to tell successful entrepreneurs that they didn’t build their business – someone else did it for them.

He told the public, if you wake up gender-confused and feel like a boy, use the boys’ locker room. If you feel like a girl, use the girls’ locker room.

Barak Obama created a crisis on our southern border and under his watch, directors in the Secretary of State, Attorney General, CIA, FBI, and the IRS were involved in “Abuse of Surveillance.”

If you disagreed with his policies, you were a racist. In his eight years in the White House, his total base pay was $3.2 million.

After leaving the White House, he purchased oceanfront property for $11.7 million.

Where was the outcry to see his tax returns?

On a local level, a question for our city leaders: If the U.S. Senate opens their session with prayer from the House Chaplain, why the concern with the City Council offering prayer before their meeting starts?

Robert Warner



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