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Warning for Fremont Middle School parents:

A group of investors is moving to build a convenience store on Military Avenue directly across from First Lutheran Church. This store will be on the path of all the students who walk to and from school. I would like to urge you to attend the City Council meeting scheduled for December 26th to urge the city council to NOT approve the zoning change needed to build this hazard to our children.

One of the big reasons given for moving the Middle School out to the edge of the city was the proximity of the Kwik Shop to the old junior high on Military and Broad Streets. The kids congregating there was a serious problem for the school, for the police, and for the parents. Now there is a proposal to go back to the bad old days on East Military.

The traffic on Military during school drop off and pick times is awful now but will be very much worse if this is built. The supposed relief of this traffic mess is the building of Jack Sutton Drive or the extension of First Street. Well, guess what...the same group is asking for a zoning change to build 1,000 apartments on Jack Sutton Drive thus ensuring an even greater traffic jam and unsafe conditions for kids. Please attend the Council Meeting and oppose the zoning change request!

The plot of land is now zoned for single family homes but the developer has plans for single family homes, townhouses, and over 1,000 apartments. This development will benefit a few investors but the infrastructure needed to support it will be built by the taxpayers of Fremont and the unsafe conditions created for kids are a real and present danger!

One child has been tragically killed on East Military already due to the increased traffic. If the convenience store is allowed to be built how many more are acceptable in the name of "progress"? Please attend the meeting and make your councilperson aware of your concerns and opposition to the zoning change request. Thank you.

Allan Fanning


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