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We are a divided nation that needs healing, the social media and some elected officials refuse to acknowledge the people's choice in the last presidential election thinking they know what's best for us.

Protesters burn our American flag in our streets with half not knowing what they are protesting about.

Registered voters in L.A. County, Calif. far exceeds the number of eligible voters in that county.

The radical left attempt to remove words from our English language because they view them as offensive and not "political correct."

An Iowa Rep in 2002, when he was a state senator, sponsored a bill making English the number one language in Iowa and he's been branded as a racist ever since.

A Nebraska school principal determined that a candy cane represents a religious symbol and therefore should be banned from public schools during Christmas time.

In Washington D.C., a group of high school students, waiting for a bus were harassed by agitators because some were wearing caps with the logo "Make American Great Again."

Without knowing any facts the left media runs a headline story indicating the students were the instigators and the MAGA caps were a symbol of racism.

Some prominent constitutional scholars indicate and teach that the government has no constitutional authority to control our borders.

The left media criticizes our president claiming he's holding federal employees hostage to obtain funding for a border security wall and praise the House Majority Leader for the shutdown to protect people who are in the U.S. illegally.

The radical left claims the middle-class Americans are selfish because their principal interest is improving their own lives, educating their own children, and contributing to their own communities.

Greater diversity means less in common and the more who encourage diversity the less we honor the common good. When was the last time we heard anyone in Washington talk about the common good?

Robert Warner


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