Letter: A renting problem

Letter: A renting problem

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A renting problem

I would like to bring attention to a MAJOR problem in Fremont. With the rising costs of rental properties, it is making it difficult to find decent housing for their families. This is compounded by the fact that there are extremely few landlords who will accept tenants who have pets. There is a very real problem in this town, with landlords refusing to allow pets in their rentals, and the ones that do, charge astronomical fees (much more than the 1/4 amount of the security deposit which is what the law states they may charge) if they do allow them. I feel this is a very real form of discrimination. Pets become part of peoples families, and for some people are the only companions they have. It is illegal to refuse to rent to people with children (who can do equally if not more damage than pets) so why is it so many people are turned away for having an animal? It is heart-wrenching enough to have to give up a pet just to be able to have a home...but then it, in turn, creates a larger problem of overrun animal shelters, who many time shame the owners for “dumping” their pets at the local shelter.

There are good renters and bad renters. Some with pets, and some without. I have seen houses TRASHED by people who had neither pets OR children. There are a small handful of reputable landlords that will allow pets and follow the guidelines according to the laws, however, most simply refuse to even consider potential renters if they have a pet.

I have heard people say they would live on the street before giving up their pet, who is a very real part of their family. No one should ever be forced to make that decision. They should also not be shamed if they do end up having to re-home a pet because landlords will not allow them to keep their pet. This issue needs desperately to be addressed!!

Chris Gemar



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