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Letter: Fremont City Council failed its citizens

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Letter to the Editor

Once again the city council failed to ensure the safety of Fremont citizens and the firemen who are providing that safety.

While there were three council members who see the need to hire firefighters now, there were five that said we can afford to wait until later next year. Start the process of hiring firefighters now and if we get the SAFER grants, fine, however if not, we are ahead in the game.

If you were to poll the firemen on the front lines today, they would probably tell you that they would like to have more manpower now. When they have to keep being called back in after their shift, you are putting them in a dangerous situation.

The mayor said he asked in January what the council and city staff would like to see going forward, additional firemen were not even mentioned comes as no surprise. Why didn’t the fire chief and/or city staff say we needed more firemen? The general public assumed the city was making sure we had adequate fire personnel for their safety and ours.

I say, instead of calling firefighters back in that are off, we call in the city administrator, mayor and five council members that voted to wait on the SAFER grants.

On another note, the city needs to start selling lots in the tech park for what they are worth. We have sold them for too long at a big discount. Mr. Newton has said we are the developer, then we need to be recouping the costs of the infra-structure needed just as all private contractors do.

I have heard we will have invested $5M to $6M in that park. The city would have been better off paying the million dollars to the state. The city administrator & city council have wasted taxpayer money by not making wise decisions on the tech park lots. I believe the city council should not approve any more lot sales unless it is at fair market value. Quit making the taxpayers subsidize the tech park.

Put the citizens first and not the business park.

Steve Ray



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