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Call to action – If you’re among the 300 petitioners or others who have expressed concern over the commercial and “high density” apartment, row homes and mixed-use housing being imposed on the East Military corridor near the Fremont Middle School – please read this.

Valid and lingering concerns over student safety, pedestrian overhead walkways, traffic, neighborhood property values, taxpayer-funded infrastructure, recent traffic studies that recommend street widening, added stop lights, round-a-bouts, concerns about area drainage and past area flooding, and potential reductions in required “open space” requirements necessitate your attendance and participation at the next city council meeting.

Zoning rules protect the public’s health, safety, morals and general welfare of the community ensuring greater public safety, convenience and accessibility through the physical design and location of land uses. Rules require open space for the preservation of the character and quality of existing neighborhoods.

As originally platted, the SunRidge edition could potentially accommodate 8-10 percent of Fremont’s entire population in a 63-acre area. Overcrowding of the area seems obvious if one actually fully and carefully studies the plan.

The above listed concerns are why area residents need to take action and press the city council to make informed approvals that give real consideration to the public’s concerns and to only grant approvals for this development after careful and thorough scrutiny of the traffic and water drainage studies – studies that have yet to be shared with the public for comment. If you have traffic or flooding concerns as a priority, you need to be present at this next meeting to hear and react to the studies and staff’s assessment.

This next council meeting will likely be your last opportunity to appear, show support and/or make your voices heard before the council decides whether to approve SunRidge’s pending zoning requests, the “final” plat, and a fast-track request for partial annexation of the subdivision, as well as a decision on relaxing open space” requirements.

Mark your calendars – attend the city council meeting June 26, 7 p.m., 400 E. Military. Bring your neighbor, fill some seats, bodies count.

Brad Yerger


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