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A call to action: If you have concerns over student safety, pedestrian walkways, traffic, neighborhood property values, taxpayer-funded infrastructure, recent traffic studies that recommend street widening, added stop lights, round a bouts, or if you're concerned about area drainage and past flooding your attendance is really needed at the next city council meeting on June 26.

The next council meeting will likely be your last opportunity to appear and make your voices heard before the council decides whether to approve SunRidge's pending zoning requests, the "final" plat, and a fast track partial annexation.

So far the council has ignored the people who live in this neighborhood and approved this plan to drop up to 10 percent of Fremont's entire population into the middle of a neighborhood of churches, schools, and parks in the name of creating "low income" housing opportunity.

This development has been opposed from the beginning by over 300 neighborhood residents. We are not opposed to growth nor opportunity, but this development just does not fit where it is proposed and will result in expensive problems for the city for many years to come.

Mark your calendars and attend the 7 p.m. council meeting. Attendance is the best way to show your opposition. Thank you.

Alan L. Fanning


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