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MIAMI (AP) — The federal government is proposing to strip the tiny Key deer of its endangered species status despite what environmentalists say are continuing threats to the animal due to development in the Florida Keys, its only known habitat.

Antlers generally start showing up on male deer during July, giving the month's full moon the name Buck Moon.


If spring cleaning tends to put you in the mood for other ways to freshen up your home, temporary wallpaper could be the solution. It’s a bold way to completely makeover a room, requires no long-term commitment, and can be completed on a free Sunday. But finding the perfect temporary wallpaper for your space isn’t always easy. That’s where the Amazon-exclusive home collection the Novogratz comes in.

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Instead of wasting roadkill or mocking it as hillbilly cuisine, Idaho is tracking the carnage and allowing residents to salvage the carcasses to reduce the number of vehicle-animal collisions and feed hungry people.