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Now even your home thermostat can learn how much heat and cooling conditions family members prefer and adjust the climate in your home accordingly. Based on data, it will automatically adjust to what you’ re doing from day to day and react to your actual behavior. The energy savings and the convenience make this feature a good reason to replace a traditional...

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A power outage can be a major inconvenience to any household and cause problems a generator is designed to solve. The job of a standby generator is to keep the appliances and systems of a house working when the power goes out. A professional will install a 20 kw Generac Synergy unit with a variable speed motor for $8,100. This includes wiring the transfer switch...

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Charging mobile devices is a daily habit for many of us, whether it’ s a mobile phone, tablet or any digital device. The endless maze of cords and chargers can be annoying to keep straight and organized. We like the convenience of swapping out a standard wall outlet for a wall charger to take care of charging devices.

No one likes scrubbing out a big appliance like an air fryer. That’s where this cute silicone liner that @teresalauracaruso comes in. She also found an Amazon kitchen gadget that will change your meal prep game.

The focal point in a room is often a chandelier, especially in a dining room, and today it’ s often used by designers as a dramatic statement of a lighting scheme in a room. The chandelier is an element that illuminates and enhances a room scaled to the size of the space. It can be a streamline contemporary fixture for the foyer or a traditional two-tier, nine-light...

Jan Nicola, M: 402-720-5413,, - ** OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 12:00 - 1:30 ** Cute 2 bedroom home on a ver…

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New vehicles boast a range of device charging options including DC, AC, USB and wireless. DC, the oldest electrical current, is still used by some radar detectors and car accessories but requires a 12-volt adapter and cable to power most smartphones. AC plugs are the same as a household wall outlet and are commonly used to charge laptops or car camping gadgets.

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