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The Herverts have sold some bucket calves when the numbers got too high, but also have been given some by neighbors who know of Lainey’s and Aubree’s reputations for loving bucket calves.

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Best: The actual CEO of alt-milk manufacturer Oatly sits at a keyboard in a field, singing a pro-oat-milk jingle he apparently wrote himself. “It’s like milk, but made for humans” and “Wow, no cow” are among the lyrics. With obviously DIY ads, there’s a fine line between charming and cheap. This one is way over on the charming side. (But oat milk still tastes like, you know, oats.)

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The Brits don't typically indulge in their big holiday meal on Christmas Eve. "The 24th is for cooking with our families and going to the local pub for a pint," says Nicola Butler, the owner of the London-based luxury travel company NoteWorthy, of Christmas in nonpandemic times.

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