Spokes and Sneakers inspection

Fremont Police Officer John Brady writes down the serial number of a bicycle following a safety inspection during the 2015 Spokes and Sneakers event held by the Fremont Cosmopolitan Club 100.

The Fremont Cosmopolitan Club 100 is preparing to host its fifth-annual Spokes and Sneakers event in an effort to raise diabetes awareness while providing community fun.

The event, free of charge, is being held from 9-11 a.m. May 6 in the parking lot of Fremont Splash Station, 2809 Fremont Drive.

Event Coordinator Kellee Rasmussen said during a Wednesday phone interview with the Tribune that she hopes more than 100 children and parents will attend the bicycle-centered Spokes and Sneakers gathering.

Throughout the duration of the morning, participants will have the opportunity to have their bikes inspected by the Fremont Police Department, as well as having their bikes licensed.

“They (FPD) really encourages people to have them (bikes) licensed in case they are stolen,” Rasmussen said.

The highlight of Spokes and Sneakers will be the Bike Rodeo, where participants navigate their bicycles through an obstacle course erected in the Splash Station parking lot. The obstacle course is an outlet that enables riders to learn the mechanics and safety features of their bicycles in a monitored, safe area.

Children who participate will receive a goody bags, Rasmussen said. One difference this year is that there won’t be 5 and 10 mile bike ride due to certain areas near Jack Sutton Drive still being unpaved.

With its group focus on diabetes awareness, Rasmussen said that a fun day filled with bike riding is a great way to get people active.

While the event is free of charge, donations are being accepted, and will go toward sending local children dealing with diabetes to Camp Floyd Rogers, held June 18-24.

“We are the club that fights diabetes and the funds we raise throughout the year go toward sending 10 children to Camp Floyd Rogers, which is a Type 1 diabetes week-long camp held for students 8-18 (years old), Rasmussen said. “And they get to spend a whole week where they learn about diabetes, but also about being independent. So they do this while doing all the same things other kids would do at summer camp.”

The camp’s full cost per camper is around $1,100, and the Fremont Cosmopolitan Club and a Camp Donor split the expense.

“Having a child with diabetes is so very expensive, so we are really happy that we can help them do something like this free of charge for the family,” Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen encourages families to attend this year’s Spokes and Sneakers event, it will be a blast and supports a good cause.

“Hopefully we will be blessed with nice weather this year and get a lot of people to come out,” she said. “A big way to fight diabetes is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle, and this certainly promotes a fun, healthy activity.”

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