Individual Husker photos, 5.14

Husker long snapper Chase Urbach poses for a portrait at Memorial Stadium in May.

My walk-on story: Chase Urbach.

Year: Senior.

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Depth chart: No. 1 at long snapper.

Career stats: Three tackles, one fumble recovery.

Career games played: 19.

“(I started long snapping) when I was in seventh or eighth grade. The team was like, ‘Who can snap?’ and everyone did it and I was the best one, and it just fell into place after that. It’s kind of nuts. I’ve had a lot of help, and gone to a lot of long-snapping camps, too. I’ve met a lot of great mentors.

“My senior year of high school (former Nebraska special teams coach Bruce Reed) called me. I’ve know (about Nebraska) for a while, and when he said, ‘Come down here, and we’re trying to get you on a preferred walk-on here,’ I was kind of like, ‘Hell, yeah.’ He called me on a Friday and I was down here on Sunday or Monday.

“The game against Michigan last year was the first game I played in. I’m from Michigan so that was cool to have all my family there. I had two tackles in that game, so it was kind of unreal that the first game I was in I got two tackles while being a long snapper.

“I’ve had three tackles and a fumble recovery. Obviously I focus the most on the snapping part, because that’s the most important part because the play doesn’t continue if the snap isn’t good. After the snap I just try to haul ass down field and make sure I disrupt the return the best way I can. If that leads to me making a tackle, great. If I don’t make the tackle and someone else does that’s just as good.

“During a normal practice day, we have two special-teams (periods). On Monday I’ll have one punt period, and I’ll have a punt and field-goal period on Tuesday. And then we’ll have a clutch period at the end of practice on Tuesday. That’s where the team is in a situation where you’ll only have a little time left and the team has to march down the field and kick a field goal. So we do that. It just depends on the day how busy I am during practice.

“I’ll always love my time here, and whenever I think about it, it will always put a smile on my face. One day when I have kids I’ll be able to tell them I did this, and it will be cool.”

-- Brent C. Wagner

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