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January Regular MeetingMonday, January 13, 2020 7:00 PMPlattsmouth Administration Center 1912 Old Highway 34Plattsmouth, NE 680481. Call Meeting to Order-Acknowledge Open Meetings Law The meeting was called to order by the President at 7:00p.m.2. Roll Call: Foster, Barr, Fuller, Glup, Parsons, Wehrbein, Jensen, Muller, WintersAll Board members were present.3. Public Forum: Reception of Delegates-A time limit of three minutes will be set for individual speakers on a given topic. A total time limit of thirty minutes will be set for all speakers on a given topic, with an effort to provide equal time for pros, cons, and neutral opinions.Rebecca McDaniel, new director of nutrition services for OPPA introduced herself to the Board.4. Special Recognition: 2019 PHS Hall of Fame - Tim Freeburg and James P. Ulrich5. Special Recognition: Several PHS student-athletes earned Academic All-State Awards that require a minimum 3.70 grade point average, including Madison Nelson, Sydney Nelson, Hunter Smith, C.J. Wiseman, Andrew Rathman, Emily Martin, Riley Sedlak, Emma Field, Sydni Haugaard, Katie Rathman, and Chloe Sabatka.6. Election of Officers6.1. Appointment of Election Steward- Tonda Haith- 9-06.2. Nominations, voting, and designation of President- Ken Winters-5-3-16.3. Nominations, voting, and designation of Vice President-Matt Glup-4-2-2-16.4. Nominations, voting, and designation of Secretary-Karen Parsons-by acclamation6.5. Nominations, voting, and designation of Treasurer-Steve Barr-5-3-17. Board Designations and Appointments7.1. Appoint Tonda Haith as Board Treasurer's Designee7.2. Appoint Barb Baker as the Board Secretary's Designee7.1 and 7.2 Motion passed 9-0 with a motion by Foster and a second by Muller.7.3. Appoint Ken Winters as the Board's Liaison to the Nebraska Association of Schools Boards for Governmental RelationsMotion passed 9-0 with a motion by Wehrbein and a second by Glup.7.4. Appoint the Board's Greater Nebraska Schools Association RepresentativeRemoved from agenda7.5. Appoint Wehrbein as the Board's Head Start RepresentativeMotion passed 9-0 with a motion by Foster and a second by Jensen. 7.6. Appoint Muller as the Board's representative on the Plattsmouth Education Foundation's (PEF) Board of DirectorsMotion passed 9-0 with a motion by Foster and a second by Wehrbein.7.7. Appoint the law firm of Perry, Guthery, Haase, and Gessford as the District's Legal CounselMotion passed 7-2 with a motion by Glup and a second by Parsons. Muller and Fuller voted no.7.8. Appoint the accounting firm of Frankel Zacharia as the District's auditorMotion passed 6-3 with a motion by Barr and a second by Wehrbein. Barr, Fuller and Muller voted no.7.9. Designate Superintendent Dr. Richard E. Hasty as the District Representative for all Federal and State Programs, including Head StartMotioned passed 9-0 with a motion by Foster and a second by Muller.8. Consent AgendaMotion passed 9-0 to approve the Consent Agenda with a motion by Foster and a second by Glup.8.1. Agenda8.2. Minutes of the December 9, 2019 meeting8.3. Minutes of the Dec. 9, 2019 Committee on American Civics meeting8.4. Treasurer's Report8.5. Review of the Control Budget8.6. Claim and transfers in the amount of $745,652.069. Administrative Reports9.1. 2018-2019 Annual Report from Supt. Hasty9.2. High School Principal's Report9.3. Middle School Principal's Report9.4. Elementary Principal's Report9.5. Early Childhood Report9.6. Special Education Report9.7. Instructional Services Report10. Action Items10.1 Discuss, consider, and take all action to approve the final reading of 6000 Instruction (Curriculum Committee).Motion passed 9-0 with a motion by Barr and a second by Muller. 10.2. Discuss, consider, and take all action to approve the second reading of Policy 1000 Community Relations (Operations Committee).Motion passed 9-0 with a motion by Foster and a second by Barr.10.3. Discuss, consider, and take all action to approve the first reading of 4000 Personnel (Finance Committee).Motion passed 9-0 with a motion by Foster and a second by Jensen. 10.4. Discuss, consider, and take all action to approve a curriculum proposal for a new Metals and Fabrication course.Motion passed 9-0 with a motion by Muller and a second by Jensen. 10.5. Discuss, consider, and take all action to approve a revision to the Capstone course.Motion passed 9-0 with a motion by Muller and a second by Foster. 10.6. Discuss, consider, and take all action to approve a curriculum proposal for a new Photojournalism and Publication Design course.Motion passed 9-0 with a motion by Foster and a second by Barr.10.7. Emergency Item: Discuss, consider, and take all action to approve an amendment to the option agreement for Old Blue Devil Stadium with the City of Plattsmouth.Motion passed 9-0 with a motion by Foster and a second by Muller.10.8. Discuss, consider, and take all action to approve the third reading of 4025 Professional Boundaries.Motion passed 9-0 with a motion by Foster and a second by Jensen. 11. Announcements11.1. Monday, Feb. 10, 2010 - Nebraska Association of School Boards (NASB) Legislative Issues Conference at the Lincoln Cornhusker Marriott11.2. Next meeting: Monday, Feb. 10, 2020 6 PM Workshop 7 PM Regular Meeting12. ADJOURNMENT. The meeting was adjourned at 7: 57 p.m.ChairpersonSuperintendentPlattsmouth Community Schools Page: 101/09020 2:02 PMBoard ReportUser ID: THAITHVendor Name Vendor Description AmountChecking 1Checking 1 Fund: 01 GENERALAGRIVISION GROUP LLC SERVICE/SUPPLIES 48.35ALL COVERED SERVICES 1,785.00AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES INC SUPPLIES 5,462.07AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION 150.00ATI HOLDINGS LLC SERVICES 10,000.00BADGER BODY & TRUCK EQUIPMENT 678.00BLAIR COMMUNITY SCHOOLS REGISTRATION 200.00BOMGAARS SUPPLIES 785.37BOX CAST INC SUPPLIES 476.89CASAS COMPREHENSIVE ADULT STUDENT SUPPLIES 300.00ASSESSMENT SYSTEMCASS COUNTY BANK 26,716.12CENTERPOINT ENERGY SERVICES INC FUEL 1,594.14CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS HOLDING SERVICE 14.09COMPANY LLCCITY OF PLATTSMOUTH WATER & SEWER 1,556.57CITY OF PLATTSMOUTH SUPPLIES/SERVICES 240.00COLUMBUS TELEGRAM SUPPLIES/ADVERTISING 174.00COUNCIL BLUFFS WINNELSON SUPPLIES 167.96CRICK, RYAN MUSIC ACCOMPANIST SERVICES 277.40CUSTOM ARRANGEMENTS SERVICES 715.00CUSTOM GEMS INC SUPPLIES 321.09DELL FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC 1:1 COMPUTER FINANCING 11,217.22DIAMOND VOGEL PAINTS SUPPLIES 2,417.54DOANE COLLEGE SUPPLIES/TUITION 996.00DOBROVOLNY, PAMELA REIMBURSEMENT 225.00DOLLAR GENERAL SUPPLIES 5.52DUECHTING, CYNTHIA LEP SERVICES 2,557.50EDUCATIONAL SERVICE UNIT #3 SERVICE 51,605.00Plattsmouth Community Schools Page: 101/09/2020 2:02 PMBoard ReportUser ID: THAITHVendor Name Vendor Description AmountFASTENAL COMPANY SUPPLIES 480.00FIBER PLATFORM LLC EDUC VIDEO BUNDLE 1,248.14FIREGUARD INC SUPPLIES/SERVICE 2,320.70FOLLETT SCHOOL SOLUTIONS INC SUPPLIES 380.48GOODWILL INDUSTRIES INC WORK EXPERIENCE TUITION 4,644.00GREAT KIDS INC SUPPLIES 2,190.00GREGG YOUNG CHEVROLET OF SUPPLIES/SERVICE 1,506.63PLATTSMOUTH LLCHARTMAN PUBLISHING INC TEXTBOOKS 675.41HEALTHY CHILDREN PROJECT INC SERVICE/SUPPLIES 50.00HEARTLAND FOUNDATION TUITION 5,550.00HILLER ELECTRIC COMPANY SERVICE 1,403.45HOME DEPOT U.S.A. D/B/A HOME DEPOT SUPPLIES 2,863.90PROHY-VEE STORES FUEL/SUPPLIES 800.89J.W. PEPPER & SON INC SUPPLIES 472.59JUST FOR KIDS THERAPY INC SERVICES 6,062.25KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS COPIER LEASES/SUPPLIES 3,209.42KONICA MINOLTA PREMIER FINANCE COPIER LEASES/SUPPLIES 3,727.16MACGILL, WILLIAM V SUPPLIES 184.02MAILFINANCE LEASE 585.00MAILROOM FINANCE INC POSTAGE 1,300.00MATHESON TRI-GAS INC SUPPLIES 761.82MCINNIS, LINDA COSTUMES 53.41MENARDS BELLEVUE SUPPLIES 157.50MID-STATES SCHOOL BUS INC BUS SERVICE 71,101.30MILESTONES DISABILITY SERVICE INC TUITION 7,551.57MULLENAX AUTO SUPPLY SUPPLIES 198.21NATIONAL ARCHERY IN THE SCHOOLS SUPPLIES 600.00PROGRAM INCNCECBVI VISION SERVICES 2,641.25Plattsmouth Community Schools Page: 201/09/2020 2:02 PMBoard ReportUser ID: THAITHVendor Name Vendor Description AmountNCSA REGISTRATIONS/DUES 115.00NEBR DEPT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SE, FEES 50.00CHILDREN'S SERVICES LICENSINGNEBRASKA AIR FILTER INC FURNACE FILTERS 2,486.84NEBRASKA COUNCIL OF SCHOOL ADM DUES/FEES 180.00NEBRASKA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT ELECTRICITY 23,383.83NEW DIRECTIONS SOLUTIONS LLC SERVICES 10,224.21NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE SCHOLARSHIP 498.00NUSCHY, MIKE TRANSITION SERVICES 1,440.00OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT UPS/SERVICE 45.80ONE BEAT CPR LEARNING CENTER LLC SUPPLIES 1,405.00ONE SOURCE THE BACKGROUND CHECK SERVICE 357.00COMPANYOPAA FOOD MANAGEMENT INC SERVICE 68.34PERFORMANCE HEALTH SUPPLY INC SUPPLIES 229.12PIERCE COUNTY AG SOCIETY MEMORIAL 50.00PITSCO INC SUPPLIES 429.83PRESTO X COMPANY PEST CONTROL 371.92PSYCHEMEDICS CORPORATION SERVICE/SUPPLIES 1,590.50RAINBOW GLASS & SUPPLY INC SERVICE/SUPPLIES 908.81RAUNER, DEBORAH SERVICES 263.30RENAISSANCE LEARNING INC SUPPLIES 4,100.00RGS REPAIR INC SERVICES 635.00RIFTON EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES 1,911.75SCHOOL SPECIALTY SUPPLIES 218.39SHRED IT US JV LLC SHREDDING 115.50SNELL, STEPHANIE REIMBURSEMENT 720.11SPARTAN STORES DISTRIBUTION LLC SUPPLIES 184.49SPORTS FACILITY MAINTENANCE LLC SUPPLIESERVICE 7,743.00TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS TIMEKEEPING SYSTEM SERVICE 331.00Plattsmouth Community Schools Page: 301/09/2020 2:02 PMBoard ReportUser ID: THAITHVendor Name Vendor Description AmountUNIVERSITY OF NEBR. - LINCOLN SCHOLARSHIP 498.00UNL EXTENSION REGISTRATION 45.00UNO MUSIC DEPT REGISTRATION 250.00US BANK NA FUEL PURCHASES 276.88VERIZON WIRELESS CELL SERVICE 346.87WASTE MANAGEMENT OF NEBRASKA INC TRASH SERVICE 2,787.22WETENKAMP, REBECCA REIMBURSEMENT 286.76WHC NE LLC TRANSPORTATION 3,055.20WINDSTREAM TELEPHONE SERVICE 3,685.33Fund Total: 314,692.93Checking 1 Fund: 06 CAFETERIABIRD, AARON LUNCH REFUND 54.06CFG INC SERVICE/SUPPLIES 384.93CONESTOGA SCHOOLS LUNCHES 1,251.72OPAA FOOD MANAGEMENT INC SERVICE 78,530.33Fund Total: 80,221.04Checking 1 Fund: 08 SPECIAL BLDG FUNDAMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES INC SUPPLIES 1,748.56BSN SPORTS LLC SUPPLIES 4,198.94DLR GROUP INC SERVICES 61,783.71HOME DEPOT U.S.A. D/B/A HOME DEPOT SUPPLIES 1,718.45PROMAKERBOT INDUSTRIES LLC SUPPLIES 189.26MIDWEST SOUND & LIGHTING RENTAL 10,400.00PIONEER SQUARE BRANDS INC SUPPLIES 800.00PRIME COMMUNICATIONS REPAIRS 13,497.45PROFESSIONAL HEATING AND AIR SERVICE 235,465.40Fund Total: 329,801.77Checking 1 Fund: 10 HEADSTART 20CENTERPOINT ENERGY SERVICES INC FUEL 259.96CHANDLER, PHYLLIS SERVICE 125.00CITY OF PLATTSMOUTH WATER & SEWER 272.90Plattsmouth Community Schools Page: 401/09/2020 2:02 PMBoard ReportUser ID: THAITHVendor Name Vendor Description AmountDOLLAR GENERAL SUPPLIES 18.48GREAT KIDS INC SUPPLIES 2,190.00HY-VEE STORES FUEL/SUPPLIES 210.72KONICA MINOLTA PREMIER FINANCE COPIER LEASES/SUPPLIES 231.37MID-STATES SCHOOL BUS INC BUS SERVICE 7,867.59NEBRASKA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT ELECTRICITY 673.06OPAA FOOD MANAGEMENT INC SERVICE 1,028.63PRESTO X COMPANY PEST CONTROL 76.75RGS REPAIR INC SERVICES 70.00VERIZON WIRELESS CELL SERVICE 50.73WASTE MANAGEMENT OF NEBRASKA INC TRASH SERVICE 135.52WINDSTREAM TELEPHONE SERVICE 179.23Fund Total: 13,389.94Checking Account Total: 738,105.68Checking 3Checking 3 Fund: 05 ACTIVITY FUNDHY-VEE STORES FUEL/SUPPLIES 744.62J.W. PEPPER & SON INC SUPPLIES 42.00MID-STATES SCHOOL BUS INC BUS SERVICE 772.63OPAA FOOD MANAGEMENT INC SERVICE 60.00RIDDELL/ALL AMERICAN SPORTS CORP SERVICE/SUPPLIES 282.58Fund Total: 1,901.83Checking Account Total: 1,901.83Plattsmouth Community Schools Page: 101/09/2020 2:03 PMBoard ReportUser ID: THAITHVendor Name Vendor Description AmountChecking 1Checking 1 Fund: 01 GENERALFIRST NATIONAL BANK EXPENSES 5,476.41WAL-MART SUPPLIES 148.62Fund Total: 5,625.03Checking 1 Fund: 12 STUDENT FEESWAL-MART SUPPLIES 19.52Fund Total: 19.52Checking Account Total: 5,644.55(1:30)20(43124)

Cass County School District 097Elmwood-Murdock Public SchoolsJanuary 8, 2020A meeting of the Board of Education of the Elmwood-Murdock Public Schools wasconvened in open and public session at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 8th in theboardroom in the high school at Murdock. Board members Mark Luetchens, Mark Meyer,Jesse Rust, Dave Oehlerking, Kathy Frahm and Jeff Backemeyer were present. Also present was Superintendent Ryan Knippelmeyer, Elementary Principal Trisha Nichelson, Secondary Principal Tim Allemang.Notice of the meeting was given in advance by posting in accordance with the Boardapproved method for giving notice of meetings. Notice of this meeting and the subjects to be discussed at the meeting were given in advance to all members of the Board ofEducation. A current copy of the agenda was maintained as stated in the publicized notice.Board President Mark Luetchens called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.Election of officers for 2020 as follows:Oehlerking/Rust (M/S) for Luetchens for president; motion passed 6-0Rust/Oehlerking (M/S) for Frahm for vice president; motion passed 6-0Rust/Backemeyer (M/S) for Meyer for secretary; motion passed 6-0Oehlerking/Luetchens (M/S) for Backemeyer for treasurer; motion passed 6-0Rust/Backemeyer (M/S) to approve board bills, consent agenda, and roll. Motion passed 6-0The Board received and reviewed reports from: Elementary Principal / Special Education /Director, Secondary Principal/Activities Director and Superintendent.Action Items:Oehlerking/Rust (M/S) to designate the Plattsmouth Journal as the official newspaperfor the Elmwood-Murdock School District. Motion passed 6-0Backemeyer/Frahm (M/S) to designate the Corn Growers State Bank in Murdock and the American Exchange Bank in Elmwood as the official depositories for Elmwood-Murdock School District funds. Motion passed 6-0Rust/Backemeyer (M/S) to go into Executive Session at 7:45 p.m. for the purpose ofconducting strategy session with respect to collective bargaining. Motion passed 6-0Rust/Frahm (M/S) to come out of Executive session at 7:54 p.m. Motion passed 6-0Discussion items included:The Board received and reviewed a rough draft of the 2019-2020 District Newsletter and District Report Card that will be emailed to all district patrons on January 10, 2020.The Board reviewed the 2020 committee roles as presented. All committees are staying the same as in 2019.Committee on Americanism / Staff Relations: Frahm (Chair), Rust, LuetchensBudget: Backemeyer (Chair), Oehlerking, LuetchensAdministrative Review: Oehlerking (Chair), Backemeyer, MeyerNegotiations: Luetchens (Chair) Frahm, RustPolicy: Rust (Chair), Oehlerking, MeyerFacilities / Transportation: Meyer (Chair) Frahm, BackemeyerThe Board reviewed the draft agenda for the special board meeting for strategic planning on January 25, 2020, beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the boardroom.Rust/Oehlerking (M/S) to adjourn at 8:20 p.m. Motion passed 6-0The next regular Board of Education meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 12,2020, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the boardroom at Elmwood-Murdock High SchoolRespectfully submitted,Mark Meyer, Board SecretaryELMWOOD-MURDOCK PUBLIC SCHOOLSBILLS FOR APPROVALJANUARY 2020GENERAL FUNDVendor Name Vendor Description AmountAG TAC SERVICES, LLC SERVICES 10,932.18ALLEMANG, TIMOTHY MILEAGE 153.70AMAZON SUPPLIES 778.88ASHLAND DISPOSAL SERVICE SERVICES 482.00BULLDOGS BAR FOOD 467.50CENTERPOINT ENERGY SERVICES SERVICES 497.15RETAIL, LLCCREATIVE MATHEMATICS SUPPLIES 48.00DUANE'S AUTO REPAIR REPAIR 45.00E-M LUNCH FUND SUPPLIES 274.45EAKES OFFICE SOLUTIONS SUPPLIES 1,294.29EDUCATIONAL SERVICE UNIT #3 SERVICES 3,980.73EGAN SUPPLY CO SUPPLIES 329.36FRONTIER COOPERATIVE GAS/OIL 2,612.89GARRETT, MARQUES SERVICES 100.00GENERAL FIRE/SAFETY EQUIP CO SERVICES 1,507.63HYNES, LISA SUPPLIES 35.60JAYMAR BUSINESS FORMS, INC SUPPLIES 94.47JUST FOR KIDS SERVICES 1,600.00JW PEPPER & SON, INC SUPPLIES 42.19KIDWELL INC SERVICES 275.00KNIPPELMEYER, RYAN MILEAGE/FEES 311.72KONICA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SERVICES 387.56KONICA MINOLTA PREMIER FINANCE LEASE 700.00LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR ADV/PRINTING 59.60LUCAS, MICHAEL FEES 2,400.00MCGRAW-HILL EDUCATION SUPPLIES 142.14MEESKE ACE HARDWARE SUPPLIES 395.56MENARDS SUPPLIES 121.10MENARDS SUPPLIES 895.55METAL DOORS & HARDWARE COMPANY INC SERVICES 300.00MICK'S DIESEL REPAIR REPAIR 24,778.47NCS PEARSON INC SUPPLIES 259.05NICHELSON, TRISHA MILEAGE 45.24OLD REPUBLIC SURETY COMPANY FEES 100.00OPPD ELECTRICITY 9,636.19PAYSTUBZ SERVICES 48.62PERRY,GUTHERY,HAASE&GESSFORD,P.C. LEGAL SERVICES 367.50PESI INC FEES 219.99PRENTICE PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICES 110.00SCREEN SURGEONS SUPPLIES 49.00UNITE PRIVATE NETWORKS, LLC SERVICES 1,385.00VERIZON SERVICES 40.01VILLAGE OF ELMWOOD WATER/SEWER 184.00WALDINGER CORPORATION SERVICES 4,003.74WILSON, CHARLES SERVICES 400.00MONTHLY EXPENDITURES $72,891.06PAYROLL EXPENDITURES $398,992.33TOTAL EXPENDITURES $471,883.39GENERAL FUND PREPAIDS-DECEMBER 2019AMAZON FEES 119.00BLENDER INSTITUTE SOFTWARE 128.27VIDEO BLOCKS SOFTWARE 349.00MONTHLY EXPENDITURES $596.27(1:3)20(43125)

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